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Potting glue manufacturer: do you know what causes uneven pouring glue?
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Generally, potting adhesive should be used for sealing, bonding, potting, coating protection and other functions of electronic components, but some of our customers will find that the coating is always uneven, which can not achieve the desired effect. Many people don't know why. The following potting glue manufacturers for you to answer

Potting adhesive is a very important application field in real life. It has been widely used in the electronic device manufacturing industry. It is an indispensable important insulating material in the electronic industry. It is possible that the uneven flow of potting may be due to

1. The product is stored for a long time. From the beginning of the year (winter) to (summer), due to the large difference between the workshop temperature and storage temperature, the filler and heat-conducting powder in the heat-conducting product sink due to its high density. When it is not smooth, it should be used again for a long time.

2. According to the information fed back by Boen customers, some customers who use dispensers do not have this image (this customer does not use dispensers for dispensing), so it can be concluded that the reason is that the mixing time is not long enough when reusing.

Usually in the workshop operation must pay attention to the workshop temperature, due to the workshop temperature, storage temperature changes lead to volatile components in the glue out, will lead to uneven phenomenon.

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